Foggy windows







Dual pane windows are likely to trap moisture and cause the glasses to fog. These windows are composed of 2 sheets of glasses and an air locked in between them. If a seal is broken, moisture will come in between the panes and cause the glass to fog.


Deteriorated weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is a strip of material used to seal the windows to prevent air leaks. It plays a vital role as it keeps windows insulated and airtight. However, weatherstripping gets deteriorated and when it does, it will make your windows drafty and allow moisture to get trapped.


Lintels sagging, loose, corroded or missing.

Frames - rot, deformed, racked, loose or poor fit.

Sills with reverse slope, not well secured/supported.

Putty (glazing compound) - missing, cracked, loose and deteriorated.

Hardware - inoperable, broken, doesn't latch.

Sticky double - hung or sliders.